Chasing Game Fish in the South Pacific

Living the Dream


Hi there! This website shares tales of our travels and adventures in South Pacific as we chase Marlin and other game fish,  fishing aboard our 56′ sport fishing catamaran, November Rain. She is owned and skippered by Garry Somers, a Marlin crazy Kiwi, who shares his passion for game fishing with his  American partner, Lori .  This is the story of our adventures,  the countries, the people we have met,  the friends that have shared our journey, and of course, the fishing!

The 2002 cat was builtin New Zealand by Pachouds’s Yachts, using a Malcolm Tennant design.  Garry purchased her in Hawaii in November 2007,  and brought her back to Whangaroa, New Zealand with his mates. At the time of purchase, the boat’s name was Kaipo Manuahi, a mouthful of vowels that was nearly impossible to broadcast over on the VHF, without confusion at the receiving end.  The Cat’s transom was soon repainted to November Rain, to commemorate a 2 day/50 knot storm that battered the crew during the first trip from Hawaii to New Zealand.